"To see clearly, is often enough

to change the perspective"

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Solution-focused coaching is a structured process similar to a creative and constructive dialogue. In this procedure, you will discover your real potential and your path to success becomes obvious and feasible.


The creation of a trustful relationship with another person is the key for you to gain space for your concern and your needs. Together, we define your goal, focus on your resources, and broaden your perspectives. We mobilize your potential and change from problem facing to problem solving. Choices become visible and concrete steps in the desired direction are accurately defined.


Having a sensitive and consistent coach will enable you to see the feasibility of your departure into a new dimension. Together we will build the confidence you need to be successful.


Coaching is based on integrity, respect and mutual trust. I work with you on what you wish to accomplish for as long as you need me.


As a coach, I work with people of all ages.