"Help me to do it myself"

(Maria Montessori)

The pedagogical principle "Help me to do it myself" has convinced and motivated me to establish a school for 3 - to 16-years-old, which lives this motto and enjoys successful existence since 1987, also having a pioneer role in ongoing reforms of the public schools since the beginning up to now.


During decades I was able to gain sound experience in cooperation with authorities, media, parents, teachers, students, various educational institutions, not least as a mother of two grown up children. Also, my work as a coach is highly influenced by this principle.


Love for humans, confidence in their potential for development, methodological competence, empathy, appreciation and rich life experience with and within different cultures shape the handling of my clients. To see individuals to grow wings and reach new shores fills me every time with great joy and satisfaction.

"With a wisdom that knows no tears, with a philosophy that understands not to laugh, and a greatness that does not bow before childern, I will have nothing to do with."

(Khalil Gibran)